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At Chiplogic we offer a call out computer and Laptop repair service for Sharjah / Ajman and Dubai. Chiplogic team experts provide same day computer repair of home and business computers at your place. We can easily arrange a visit within two hours of your call. Get best IT Solutions in Dubai. With a strong belief in using experts in field and providing the highest possible standard of customer care, we are firmly committed to offering great service at reasonable prices.
Whichever platform you use Windows or Mac, whether laptop or desktop, our trained technicians will assess your PC’s issues and repair it on site. It doesn’t matter if it is a hardware or software problem, we will find the root cause and offer you the very best and cost effective solution.
We deal in repair of all computer hardware: laptops, printers, routers, WiFi equipment and network equipment; all of which we can diagnose and repair at your preferred location.

Whether for small size or large IT companies, it is a must for cabling network for deploying radio signals to the internet modem for internet connection. If the cabling system underground or overhead is bad, you will get disturbance. The internet speed depends on the quality of cabling. Dubai is the main city which is now the top destination for entrepreneurs, marketers and small scale traders with e-commerce business online to start in this downtown. Modern requirements for cabling network are varied and multiple directing you to have the structured cabling without any conventional coiling systems. Get best Cabling Solutions in Dubai and Structured Cabling Solutions Dubai.

Dubai in the UAE is perfecting its actuality in global IT assiduity. This invention lets large IT companies open their headquarters and mini family branches in municipalities of Dubai. Thus, these top IT commercial companies, digital marketing agencies and online entrepreneurs ask for the live tech support to have the moment result to keep the inflow of online business operation. To Manage your meeting, conference call and indeed partake your pretension with Chiplogic Video Conferencing Solutions Dubai. It’s now bringeffective for launch-up companies which get multiple tech results from experts.

Are you suffering from frustration due to your inability to repair laptops? Do you like to have the best engineers to restore your defunct portable systems to start working? In Dubai, a million of laptops are being repaired by specialists. The problem is that you need the affordable technicians who will bring back the life to rejuvenate your smart lappy immediately. At, you will get professional ambidextrous hands for fabricating and refurbishing laptops in 100 brands.

From the very beginning, Dubai is an attractive resourceful city in the UAE. From 2000 onwards, it experienced a financial explosion to reinforce the industries covering the whole city. Meanwhile, the advent of information technology added a new facelift to improve the business. The power train of advancement opens a new vista to enhance the mobility in the online communication. The best IT onsite support center is helpful for newcomers and starters to have the right solutions.

Chiplogic FZE Solutions

1 for Home and Small Business

Desktop Repair

Facing issues with your desktop computer? Need not to worry!
Chiplogic's team of experts will fix and get your system up and running!

Onsite Support Dubai

Laptop Repair

Having troubles with your laptop?
Give chiplogic a call. our expert technicians will fix your laptop in no time.

2 for Business Enterprises

Desktop / Server Support

We provide technical support for your office network including desktops/ laptops and servers so that your business runs smoothly.​
Onsite Support Dubai

Security solutions including CCTV

Chiplogic has various security solutions that help you access information from anywhere without any worries about internal or external security threats.

Infrastructure Cabling - UTP and Fiber optic

We take structured cabling and networking to a new level with cutting-edge services. Our Data Cabling / Structured Cabling solutions in Dubai, UAE, designed with high quality & today’s business bandwidth requirement in mind.

Backup solutions- local and on the cloud

We provide a variety of backup solutions both onsite and offsite. Disaster recovery planning and execution is a very important aspect of any business so that minimum amount of downtime happens because of any data loss.

Telephone system solutions

We provide all kinds of telephone system solutions in UAE to customers. Our wide array of voice solutions can be customized to needs of different industries.

Anual Maintenance Contract

We offer you a variety of maintenance contracts and even pay per incident or per call basis.​
Onsite Support Dubai
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