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Our story

We are living in a digital age. To not be wired is not a possibility anymore. And why not? Why close your door to something that makes your life easier and convenient. However, it is not easy to handle the technical side of things. Troubleshooting can be costly and a bother. This is where we come in! We are an information technology company that provides technical support and services to companies. We will handle the hard part, from beginning to end.

Currently, we have a clientele of mostly SME’s in Dubai but we are rapidly branching out to bigger projects. We like to work on a project by project basis. We provide tailor-made and innovative solutions with professional prowess without burning a hole in your budget. Our core values are reliability, efficiency, and affordability. We believe that an IT solution should be attainable with one phone call as opposed to a company-wide catastrophe. People who we have worked with, our clients love retaining our services for future projects.

Our team of professionals has high-level credentials, they are good communicators, easy to work with and above all, they will keep working until your problem is solved. We realize the reliance on technology nowadays. A simple case of bad internet connection or a rogue Trojan can ruin operations. Some problems we can solve remotely, over the telephone, by providing guidance to your local IT expert. For others, we dispatch the first available team right away. The first step is a situation analysis which helps us determine optimum solution for our client.

As to what is our scope of services; our range is extensive, from desktop support to cloud computing we cover everything and anything in between. We cover the following:

Desktop / Server support
Cloud Migration
Backup solutions and disaster recovery
Cabling - Fiber optic specialists
Security solutions
IP telephony
Email security
Annual Maintenance Contracts
CCTV DVR and NVR based / access solutions

You can either fully outsource your IT department to us or opt for a partial involvement. We work both ways. As mentioned earlier, we are tailor-made to your specifications. Long-term contracts and employment will also win you amazing discount packages. We are top-notch professionals with our feet firmly planted on the ground. No amount of success will make us put our clients second to us. We enter companies as contractors and leave as friends.

Let’s get wired!

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